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001. Little


Designing a digital experience for an app that allows parents to easily send pocket money to their children, set spending limits, track spending habits, and do much more!






Problem Statement

Traditional methods of giving allowances and managing children's finances use cash or time-consuming bank transactions that lack educational value. Little aims to address these issues by providing a digital solution that allows parents to effectively manage their children's finances while also teaching them important money management skills.

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A father and a child performing a task

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Little Business Goals

Research and Discovery

To begin the project, we conducted extensive market research and user interviews with parents and children to learn about their financial habits. It was discovered that parents struggle to find effective ways to teach their children about money management, while children prefer greater autonomy and transparency in financial interactions.

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Utilised the Double Diamond Framework in the development of Little

Ideation and Concept Development

Collaborated closely with Henry (Co-Founder) to develop ideas for the app's features and functionality. Financial literacy and responsibility are promoted for children through features like chore tracking, goal setting, Little debit cards, and gift links for receiving payments from family members.

“Coming Soon” Website design in anticipation of the product launch

Testing and Iteration

We conducted usability testing with parent-child pairs to evaluate the app's usability, functionality, and educational value. Based on user feedback, the home page design was iteratively refined with the goal of increasing clarity and engagement. To ensure inclusivity and accessibility, the app was tested with a diverse range of demographics such as young and old parents or guardians.

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Home Page Iterations

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Refreshed Homepage after feedback from Parents

Outcome and Impact

Parents praised the app's usability, transparency, and educational value, while children enjoyed the interactive features and financial management. The app's user base quickly grew beyond expectations, and it was recognised for its innovative approach to financial education.

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Little’s Launch Day event with Parents

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Onboarding Screens

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Assigning a task to your child

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Allowance Feature

Marketing Website

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App store screenshots

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Marketing Email Design

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Little Invoice

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Little Web Store

Reflection and Lessons Learned

Looking back on the project, I realised how crucial empathy-driven design and iterative development are to producing practical solutions. Working closely with parents and children throughout the design process allowed us to understand their needs and preferences, and this understanding ultimately shaped the Little app's success.


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